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The third and fourth room are focused to the Dutch colonial empire, exposing part of the Company’s galleon of the estate of the Dutch Indies “Slot ter Hooge”, shipwrecked in 1724, the north of the island of Porto Santo. Columbus House – Museum of Porto Santo The Columbus House-Museum of Porto Santo is installed on an articulated set of buildings, now standardized by the works of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.According to oral tradition, long widespread, lived here Columbus, during his dwell in Porto Santo, after his marriage with Filipa de Moniz, daughter of the first Donatory Captain of Porto Santo, Bartolomeu Perestrelo.

Europe > Italy > Central Italy > Tuscany > Grosseto (province) > Porto Santo Stefano. Porto Santo Stefano. Contents. 1 History. 2 Get in. 3 Get around. 4 See. 5 Do. 6 Buy. 7 Eat. 8 Drink. 9 Sleep. 10 Connect. 11 Go next. Porto Santo Stefano is a city in Tuscany. Porto santo, Portugal Live Weather Update - Holiday… Latest Porto santo Holiday Reviews. My Holidays in Porto Santo. Have been visiting this wonderful island for 18 years during May & October and have always had reasonable weather.... Porto Santo climate info | what’s the weather like in … Porto Santo weather & climate: all about temperatures, precipitation, sunshine, snow, heat and more Porto Santo weather information.The climate of Porto Santo (Portugal) Porto Santo is a small island that is part of the autonomous region of Madeira, Portugal. Home | Porto Santo Airport Official website of Porto Santo Airport – Departures and arrivals in real time, airlines and destinations, access, parking reservation and much more.Welcome to Porto Santo Airport. We're happy to have you with us.

At your feet you'll have the inlet of Porto do Guilherme (Port William). It was on November 19, 1724 that the ship Slot ter Hooge, from the Dutch East India Company - Vereenigde Oostindische Compagnie, returned to Batavia in the current Indonesia , bound for Amsterdam, shipwrecked on the island of Porto Santo in the Madeira archipelago.

KM-72.1. 32.43 grams. Very impressively large and complete specimen (very bold full legends) with nice toning and no corrosion at all, surely among the choicest shipwreck specimens from any wreck. With Sedwick photo-certificate. Recovered from: Slot ter Hooge, sunk in 1724 off Porto Santo… List of shipwrecks in the 1720s - Wikipedia List of shipwrecks: December 1724 Ship Country Description Slot ter Hooge: Dutch East India Company: The East Indiaman struck rocks and sank off Porto Santo Island, Madeira with the loss of 221 of the 254 people on board. She was on a voyage to Batavia, Netherlands East Indies. Treasure from the VOC shipwreck of the ROOSWIJK_silver ingots ... Slot ter Hooge . lost on November 19th, 1724 off Porto Santo Island . The story of the loss and rediscovery of the Slot ter Hooge is wonderfully retold by the salvor, Robert Stenuit, in his 1975 National Geographic article "The Treasure of Porto Santo." The Slot ter Hooge, outbound to the Orient from Holland, was wrecked on the north shore of ... Slot Ter Hooge (Castle Of Hooge) 1724 | BBWS In 1724 Slot ter Hooge set sail from the Netherlands bound for Batavia. As she neared Portugal a storm developed, driving the ship toward the Madeira Islands. Unable to change course, Slot ter Hooge smashed into the rocks off Porto Santo. She sank quickly and only 33 of the 254 passengers and crew survived. 18th Century Salvage

Porto Santo, Madeira's neighbour in the Atlantic, is in effect Europe's only desert island. Four hours from London and only 12km by 7km wide, this outpost of Portugal is, however, far more African than European. It has a volcanic moonscape with no vegetation apart...

Porto Santo Line - Porto Santo Map Porto Santo is one of the islands in Madeira Archipelago. It is situated at a distance of 50 Km from Madeira Island. The "Golden Island", as it is also known, isPorto Santo boasts long beaches of fine yellow sand known for therapeutic properties, as well as its calm warm blue sea , with temperatures... Porto Santo (Madeira) - Wikipedia Porto Santo is the only municipality of the island of Porto Santo, in the Portuguese Madeiran archipelago. It was elevated to city status on 6 August 1996. The only parish of the municipality is also named Porto Santo. The population in 2011 was 5,483, in an area of 42.59 km². Cheap flights for Porto Santo – Terceira Island on…

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(22) Slot ter Hooge. Dutch trading ship. (a) Corroded but readable. Porto Santa,. Madeira Islands .... R. Steinuit. liThe Treasure of Porto Santo." Nat. Geog. museus - Aprender Madeira 13 Jul 2018 ... Esteve depois um tempo desativado até ter voltado, na déc. de 40 do ..... do Porto Santo, de um galeão holandês, o Slot ter Hooge, em 1724.

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GratisGuider Madeira Porto Santo - Gratis guide til Madeira Porto Santo Porto Santo har noget, som Madeira mangler – en 9 km lang, flad strand med finkornet, gyldent sand, der tilmed er helbredende – og fred og ro. Den uspolerede ø er en paradisisk perle i vor stressede tid, klimaet er tørt og varmt hele året, og her er masser af vandsportsmuligheder. ... »Slot Ter Hooge«, der i 1724 var på ... Christopher Columbus House Museum - Ilha Da Madeira The third and fourth exhibition rooms are dedicated to the Dutch colonial empire depicted on some objects removed from the “Slot ter Hooge” galleon property of the Dutch East Indies Company, shipwrecked in 1724 near the northern coast of Porto Santo Island. Madeira Museums - Madeira Museums The museum also displays parts of the galleon of the Dutch East Indies Company “Slot ter Hooge”, when it sank in 1724 on the north of Porto Santo Island. Location: Travessa da Sacristia, n.º 2 e 4, 9400-176 Ilha do Porto Santo Christopher Columbus House Museum -